And Now You Have Preview Number Five!


This entry marks the last of our previews of the five new designs that will soon be offered on our website. We may also offer this ornament kit on other websites. Please return to our site and enjoy the eye candy.

The Czarina has chosen to wear the “Aubergine Tiara” to all of the holiday activities she attends this season.  Her thought is that the color aubergine is associated with many things such as majesty, royalty, and valor. When she wears this tiara she feels beautiful, confidant, peaceful, and regal.  She says, “The color aubergine inspires me and helps me ground myself.”  You too can choose to experience these very same feelings with your purchase, kit completion, and ornament admiration.  Your feelings can last throughout the years whether you gift yourself with this completed ornament of if you choose to regally honor another.  Memories are so wonderful.

This ornament was created on a three inch aubergine color fiber wrapped ball.  The decorations on the ball consist of metallic silver Venice lace, ribbon, pins, and quality made acrylic flat-back rhinestones.  Use of acrylic shapes help keep the weight of the ornament at a reasonable level. This ornament kit contains 8 of the faceted 25X18 aubergine color oval jewels, 16 pear shape faceted jewels, 80 navette shaped jewels, and 56 five millimeter size round faceted jewels.  Now, this ornament has sparkle that will dazzle the eyes of any viewer!

Czarina's Tiara Front View


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