Preview Number 4. Azure Empress!

A famous Empress in the 1700’s chose azure blue, metallic gold, and white for the exterior facade when building and decorating her summer residence palace.  Her palace is gorgeous and has a unique rococo design.  Do you know where that palace is located?  Do you know the name of the Empress?  With just a little research you could be generously rewarded visually.  Would you like a hint?   Екатерининский дворец.

Our design, “The Azure Empress”, brings beauty similar to the beauty of the palace to our offerings of available ornament kits.  “As Your Empress” this ornament, when completed, can adorn your palatial surroundings bringing to it one gorgeous and unique addition.  “The Azure Empress” comes to you in kit form for you to complete.  This ornament base is a blue color four inch fiber wrapped egg shape.  Encasing a major portion of the egg shape is metallic gold lace with sparkling rhinestone shapes. Oh, yes, at each intersection of the gold threads in each open work area there is a gold bead on a gold pin combination. Your family and friends are bound to marvel at your talents and creativity as they view your Azure Empress.

Azure Empress  Back SideAzure Empress  Right Side

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