Angelic Intercession – Retired


Angelic Intercession – Retired December 2017

The word “Angel” is derived from the ancient Greek word “angelos” for “messenger”.  “Intercession” is a 1500’s Middle English word for the act of one entity pleading in behalf of another. The halo of an angel is said to represent virtue and innocence. The wings are said to represent an Angel’s role as a messenger travelling between Heaven and Earth. Originally Angels were not depicted with wings and the earliest example of a winged angel in art was in a 5th century mosaic in the church of St.Prudencia in Rome. Your pair of angels, bearing gifts of emerald green, encourages you to communicate and share your inner wisdom to heal with kind thoughts, comforting words and boundless creativity.

The base for this ornament is a white acetate Saturn shape adorned with metallic gold Venice lace, faceted acrylic clear rondelle, a faceted acrylic chalk white oval jewel, white Ceylon seed beads, gold/white metallic cord, bugle beads, gold plated filigrees, iridescent sequins, and parachute braid.

The angel forms are constructed from wide metallic gold Venice lace sections, 3mm gold balls, crystal AB  bugle beads, chalk white faceted gem, gold plated findings, faceted clear acrylic rhinestones, and faceted emerald acrylic rhinestones. The completed ornament is 8 ½” high (not counting hanger) and 6 inches wide.

The directions for this ornament have been greatly enhanced by our decision to include many more photos during the prototype construction phases.  The instructions will come to you by email as pdf files in THREE separate parts.  Our original set of instructions spanned the length of 30 single sided pages!  The original “all in one” file, with photos, was so large that our computer program could only accept one third of the number of pages at a time for the files.  Enjoy this new method!  You will now have another entity to consider as you compare our ornaments with others that are available.  We hope you will consider the price, design, quality, and adequacy of the instructions when you are making your final decisions.

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