La Boule De Bleu Royale

La Boule De Bleu Royale

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“The Royal Blue Ball”

The first twenty-five kits of this ornament design will be signed by the designer and will also have the designation of the ornament number out of 25. Only the first twenty-five ornaments will be signed and numbered.

Created on a 3 inch ball and embellished with Venice lace, Swarovski plated chain with crystals, faceted pendants, gold and silver cords, rhinestones and ribbons, and when grouped together make for one beautiful blue ornament.

If given as a gift you could include a note that says something like, “I’m so blue without you! Take time to remember me!” This ornament is meant truly for that royal personage that means the most to you.

This ornament will look great displayed on a tree branch or on an ornament stand. Don’t you think that this one suggests royalty and all the comfort and privileges that go with any of those titles? Silver, gold, and royal blue are such a regal color combination.

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