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The first twenty-five kits of this ornament design will be signed by the designer and will also have the designation of the ornament number out of 25. Only the first twenty-five ornaments will be signed and numbered.

Do you notice the thin gold lines? How did he get those on that egg shape? The answer is in the directions, but I will tell you the secret ahead of time. The designer used a thin plastic toothpick and made an extremely thin line of glue a little at a time on the egg and then applied the flexible gold cord. Just thought you may like to know about this step in the directions. Hard? NO! Attention to detail and commitment to task is how it really all happens to get accomplished. We think the end result makes for a very good looking ornament.

The French have such a beautiful word and way of saying sweetheart. The word amoureux (ahm – o – row) just tumbles off the tongue so fluidly. You can really set your imagination on fire with the firestorm of decisions you are going to have to make if you decide to gift someone special with this ornament. Do realize it is ok to be a little vain, put your picture inside the heart, and gift yourself with this piece. After all, who is #1?

All kidding aside, wouldn’t this make a tremendous gift offering for a proposal or just an expression of your deep love and admiration of and for the person you have chosen to be honored with their picture in the heart frame? What do you think about a young man or woman using this ornament as a gift just a nano-second before the words “I Love You!” and/or “Will You Marry Me?” are softly spoken by the giver of the gift? Oh! Wow! How could one keep from saying “Yes!”?

Let’s not forget that the picture in the frame could also be an aunt, grandmother, mother, sister, mother-in-law, husband, brother, son or daughter – and the list goes on and on. Don’t forget a special teacher!

Please notice that the embossed heart can swing aside and move up to lodge between two pins with beads at the top of the underlying heart to reveal the picture of the intended loved one framed within the ruffled edge heart. Do your best with this kit, work real hard, and be a real “sweetheart”. This ornament is created on a 4 inch pansy purple egg shape.

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